Borgla Creative Solutions is company
that develops and markets innovative
consumer products for home preparation
of fermented foods under its own brand.

Products we have developed:


Kefirko kefir maker was a first Kickstarter project in 2014. It’s success lead to production in 2015. The feedback from fermentation community was great. By experiencing all the benefits of daily consumption fermented food, Kefirko team was motivated to get more and more people excited with home preparation of fermented foods.


In 2017 and encouraged by people who were already making cheese from kefir, a new tool was presented to the market. Cheese maker makes home preparation of cheese easier. Again we were blown away by the positive feedback and enthusiasm from people who are into live fermented foods.


Starting as a stretch goal on Kickstarter the second fermentation range evolved from the need to continue the fermentation of kefir without grains. It is also great for people who want to take kefir with them or store it in the fridge


Third Kickstarter campaign came to life in 2020 to expand to a new category of fermentation. The passion for useful design and tasty fermented vegetables and fruits lead to development of the new fermentor used for lacto-fermentation.


The large kefir maker was being used by many to ferment kombucha. It soon came to attention that fermentation of kombucha calls for a jar with bigger capacity. The large fermenter with a spout is a perfect countertop fermenter for your kitchen.


The new product used for fermentation of sourdough was introduced on Kickstarter in May 2022. A great feedback from the community showed us that homemade bread preparation is something people want to do themselves especially when it results in a healthier and delicious artisan bread.

Other activities:


Production of organic cultures is a project that we started in 2019. With a goal to offer high-quality cultures, the company obtained all the necessary certification for organic production of kefir grains and kombucha cultures.


Rebuild the natural bacterial ecosystem of your skin with the help of skin care products made with kefir and aromatic herbs. Live organisms in kefir are preserved with a special procedure that keeps the temperature always below 40 degrees Celsius.

Blog & Learn center

Informative website provides all the necessary information for successful fermentation. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned brewer, you will find the learn center useful and interesting blog content delightful.


Free platform where fermented foods enthusiasts can share their extra cultures. Looking for milk or water kefir grains, kombucha SCOBY or sourdough starter? Kefirhood is the place to be.

The team:

Marko Borko

Co-Founder, company director and product designer.

Andrej Glažar

Co-founder, business developer and graphic designer

Urška Benčina

Customer service specialist and marketing manager

Saša Koletnik

Head brewer

Almira Čaušević

Sales and logistic manager

Leo Lepej

Warehouse operations

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